MGS Spring Writing Workshop!

Hi, all! Thanks so much for your words of support! You’ve convinced me to stick with it, though my posts may be far and few between. I will be seeing another doctor in June, maybe sooner if there’s a cancellation…and am hoping that he will have a solution to make my online time much more […]


Hi, all…again, my apologies for not posting for so long! As you know, I’ve been dealing with wacky eye issues, which remain unresolved. I cannot use a computer for a long period of time unless I want to experience lightheadedness or watery eyes. My co-workers were so understanding and patient; but, after several months I […]

The Gift of DNA!

Greetings of the season! Need a last-minute gift idea? How about a DNA test kit? You can now find them in stores like Walmart and Target…I know! I’ve seen “23 and Me” kits in Target! It’s also fairly easy to order them online. If you’re not sure which one to choose, there’s a really good […]

Being Thankful!

Hi, everyone! So sorry I’ve been out of the loop for such a long time. It’s still hard for me to use the computer; after 4 months I still can’t use my right eye. I’m hoping for an answer soon! Meanwhile, I’ve been browsing through the December issue of “Family Tree Magazine”, my go-to periodical […]

It’s Still Family History Month!

Here’s my question: what are you doing with your family to observe Family History Month? Family Tree Magazine has a number of ideas on their site, including activities, downloads and book recommendations. ThoughtCo has a number of ideas, among them compiling a family cookbook (we’ve talked about favorite recipes before!); gathering and recording family stories; […]

Making Assumptions…

Hi, all! I’m still “on the shelf” with my weird vision, but can manage to do a little typing if I look at the screen sideways, so here I am! Today I’d like to bring up the subject of assumptions, and just how misleading they can be. I often visit the cemetery where my husband […]

How About Creating a Timeline?

I’ve always been a firm believer that you cannot separate people and history. Putting your ancestors in their times and places can be very revealing, and add a lot to your research. Timelines can be in any format you like-a vertical or horizontal chart, or a running narrative, as long as source notes of facts […]

Ever Heard of Steve Morse?

Steve Morse has compiled one of the most useful genealogy sites I’ve ever seen, with tons of helpful pages! The homepage is clean and straightforward, and the user can find what they’re looking for quickly. On the left-hand side is a list of categories, including Ellis Island and Castle Garden, other ports (Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, […]